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The Italian Centre for River Restoration is the reference non-profit organisation in Italy on river restoration.

It was founded in 1999 by a group of technicians with different background to develop and promote more sustainable approaches for river management and territorial planning. Since then it has aimed at increasing the awareness about the benefits of ecological river restoration, linking research with application, advocating for increased attention on these issues at local and national levels, and actively interacting with similar centres in the EU and worldwide.

CIRF carries out educational and dissemination activities and promotes and collaborate in pilot studies and innovative projects. It supports public authorities, often focusing on participatory planning and conflict resolution in the water sector and on implementation of water related EU policies, such as the WFD and the Floods Directive.

CIRF members belong to several sectors (engineers, biologists, geologists, agronomists, architects…) and range from consultants, to the academia, to public officers.

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